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Medical Association

Ursula Empress

To the Schleswig-Holstein Medical Association

Bismarckallee 8-12

23795 Bad Segeberg


Luebeck, 16 August 2000

Free Engllation on 23 December 201.

CC/ To each* Person responsible in the Matter.


Please let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right people. The free English translation you may find here!


Dear Ladies* and Gentlemen,

If this letter reaches you, I hope that you have already been informed about the existence of your Empress.

Please read this letter calmly and take your time. If you do not have any, please pass it on to other personalities for the time being.

Should you walk around with sunglasses on your nose every day, especially when the sky is cloudy, you, as doctors, should recognise when you take off your sunglasses that the incident light of our sun* has become whiter on some days*. *(Due to finest swirled up sand)*.

You as doctors should not only have healthy eyes, which exclude a colour deficiency, but also a good sense of smell, then you would have noticed long ago that many people are already physically ill. One may expect from your profession that you are also able to notice that the number of accidents and resulting injuries is increasing from year to year; also a simple observation that people, confirmed by the TV series, classify as a fateful given and as a misfortune.

However, your Empress does not agree with this at all, not at all!

Societies are increasingly geared towards risk; you can see it in the bungee jumping that has become fashionable, in the amusement and adventure parks, in the fairgrounds, in the car races and in many other things.

People seem to be looking for thrills and a certain amount of risk; the search is increasing from year to year. The answer to the question why is complex, yet easy to answer; please try to find the right answers. Clearly, you should be told that you allow many young people to drive a motor vehicle even though they get intoxicated while driving with loud music, smoke cigarettes, get high and are an additional danger to others. Many people could still be alive or healthy if you as doctors had put your foot down, because the results are under your knife, aren't they?

Not only young people, but also stressed, overtired and irritated people are a risk on the roads. The measures that have been taken go in the direction of counteracting this by making children wear crash helmets when they ride their bicycles and making school beginners wear a conspicuous waistcoat. Not only the means of transport, but also the electric and electronically controlled tools and devices can easily injure and kill people. If there were a different culture and structure that put human safety first as the highest priority, and not prosperity sitting at the top of the list, then things would look very different for the future of our children.

We continue to live with the risk that a nuclear power plant could be defective and that nuclear waste could be released during transport, or that terrorists could get their hands on plutonium and thus blackmail the whole world. The risk that an employee who has access to the reactor might go crazy due to, for example, some family matter and press the wrong button is also quite conceivable in this day and age. It is also not entirely to be denied and not entirely to be ruled out that an aircraft or a flying object could crash into a nuclear power plant or deliberately fly towards it.

The probability of an aircraft crashing there is very, very low, but the increasing number of aircraft and flights as well as nuclear power plants alone make it as high as the probability of winning the lottery, although this has been reported to have happened.

We can assume that such a reactor was built to be earthquake-proof, but how will it have been tested to see whether it will withstand? In the event of an emergency, one has to reckon with a catastrophe that no one can even calculate, and that is what I have to reproach you all for as academically educated people. You know that our earth is connected by pipelines and has many dangerous locations.

Could you imagine that soon there will be a bang and the end will begin for all of us together? Could you imagine a nuclear power plant going off and connected by pipeline the whole earth being blown apart all around and the parts of the earth being thrown into space?

Could you imagine that the sun has already been blown apart many times so that the earth is protected and can exist? Could you imagine that we have already faced these moments many times and could you imagine that we live on the overdraft of the overdraft and that you have to pay the first loan in cash and immediately and the second as soon as possible? (End abortions worldwide without delay!)** Increasing illnesses and corresponding body odours indicate that there will already be pollutants in our air, air that we need to breathe.

You as doctors should not move with the times and you should* not ignore these alarm signs of the human organism; the organism does adjust to the circumstances and the habitat for a certain time, but not change, it remains as it is. My concern to you, however, is quite different. My concern is actually to ascertain** whether you and others are still able to work honestly at all. Honest means to complete something in its entirety using one's own physical strength and effort, to complete orders flawlessly and completely or, to put it another way, to complete procedures independently on one's own until a patient is discharged.

Nowadays, sick people are sent from one examination to the next point of contact and then to the operating table. There, the staff changes because of shift work and half-day work. The patient no longer has a confidant; he is handed off and passed on every day. The advantage of this system is that no one is overburdened and overworked with the sick, but the work is shared among several people.

Last but not least, there are always the medicines available as healing and auxiliary aids, which cannot be blamed anyway, because the package leaflet is always ready. If you ask your doctor or pharmacist, you will get a standard answer or simply be told that something else is not available or on the market. Of course, I wonder how a surgeon feels when he has saved someone's life. Not for nothing are you called the demigods in white. Of course, it is necessary, for example, to help someone with perhaps a torn off leg, perhaps lost in a car race, that the person is quickly relieved of the pain and helped.

You will always have known before the operation how the misfortune will have happened and will certainly have heard the most amazing things. You have, as you can see in the TV series, which are certainly overdone, adapted to a certain assembly line work with rehearsed procedures like in the fire brigade on it accordingly. The number and degree of injuries could accumulate, you would continue like this on a grand scale. There is no such thing as a life without risk, but you can limit the risk so that it is manageable and can almost be eliminated. However, the trend is clearly going in the other direction.

It is quite certain that our children will not grow old like this; you may not have realised it yet, but we have been living through the overdraft of the overdraft for a long time.  You also seem not to have noticed how ill most people have become and how ill they are bound to become.

You yourselves will not all be healthy either, not mentally and not physically.

Could you imagine that, for example, mentally ill people, through your own hands' work and the effort of your mental strength with the help of the relatives of the ill**, could recover these people in the hospitals**/ castles**/ combined with cultural trips**, without using means that for some are more than just criminal?

Would you even have people to show, who are trained and available to do an honest job?

Could you pay these people fairly?

Could you imagine that among the surgeons who exist in the world and who are off duty, there are profiteers who rush to implant an organ into a stinking rich person and do not ask where the matching organ comes from? Could you imagine that people disappear never to be seen again and that a rich person is waiting for an organ for himself or for his relatives die or lets his children die because he does not get the right* organ?

But there you have far exceeded your competences and not only played a demigod, but then you have become God in human form, even if, as you will see, it will have gone legitimately. If an artificial organ is inserted, one could still classify it as a work of art in the broadest sense, but transplanting organs, that is the intervention that no longer marks you out as a human being. This is not what your Empress calls work with one's own hands, but playing with life, playing with risk and with ignorance.

The sense of achievement is added on top of that and the fee is also something to behold. You should at least be able to define honest work precisely in order to understand such a letter at all. It starts with you selecting yourself as a doctor; it must be recognisable whether the person is destined for the profession as a doctor.

What is easily recognisable for some will be impossible for the next.

This raises the question: Who can correctly classify and recognise a person as a doctor, and who can recognise who is not destined for this profession? You should find the answer yourself as the responsible person; in any case, it is not the numerus clausus that is decisive, but one already notices that it has been decisive for many who play a doctor.

The future will depend on whether you and others will be able to accomplish anything at all by your own efforts and your own hands, or whether you will wait for things to come.

However, one thing is also certain; societies are sick; they are sick with emancipation, with abundance and weariness. They have mixed with pets and with same-sex partners. They are in the process of swapping gender roles and thus the male species is to be lamented and the female species is to be pitied. This has been largely caused and driven by the mass media with its inexhaustible possibilities.

Could you imagine people slowly switching from cars to bicycles without suffering a circulatory collapse?

Do you trust people to cycle longer distances or would they be better off walking to work for the time being? Could you imagine that people could be inspired by cleaning up and sorting out the products, dismantling, rebuilding and setting up?

Could you imagine that cigarettes will no longer be dispensed through vending machines and shopkeepers, but that they will be available by quantity and strength through you as a doctor, in pharmacies? Could you imagine that the violent and fantasy films will slowly be cut down and the erotic films will be withdrawn?

Could you even imagine cutting back and giving up luxuries that come out of the socket? Could you imagine that people will travel to foreign countries as they have done up to now, only that they will no longer appear there as tourists, but that the respective trip will be a longer business trip or cultural trip**?

Could you find an explanation for why your Empress claims that there is actually no one to replace? Could you imagine that part of the answer to a question I asked above is the pill and contraceptives?

Now there is already the abortion pill; and what comes after bungee jumping, free fall? Could you imagine that in the hereafter there are parallels to this world and that your profession in particular is to be held responsible for the abnormal course of a natural life? Could you imagine that the old people's and nursing homes get employees and fellow residents who are responsible for these shameful conditions there?

Who could possibly be meant by this if your profession is not meant by it?

Could you imagine that your Authorities have universal remedies** to offer against all diseases? Could you imagine that, apart from the Pope, there exist persons who are in an exalted position; the highest possible for a human being? Could you imagine that your Empress is the clock (Tick Tack Universal) that runs out and that nerves cannot be replaced?

Could you imagine that your Empress knows exactly what to do, so does the Emperor as well as the King? Do you dare to start and finish something new and do you dare your Authorities to do the same?

Could you imagine that you too are ill or stupid or just asleep?

 P. p.

HP: Please contact the Luebeck Health Office, Department of Psychological Services and ask for the letter and the package your Empress left there and get well very quickly, very quickly, because your Empress has other "children to look after "** No longer relevant** 17 Dec. 2018 **.

The universal remedies have to be worked out by the "numerus clausus doctors" and with the help of mental patients* (see Internet) and they will most likely only be able to heal through the hand over of a true doctor, that is, a person with a destiny for the vocation of a doctor.

28.04.2019 Document reviewed.