the world-cultural-heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Supplementary Resolution for foreign Cultures

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To all

Asians, Indians and Africans

To all South Americans

In the Matter and Commission


The German-language document you may find here:


Luebeck, 05 June 2018

The free English translation on 20 September 2021.


Feeding Mud Cakes as a Substitute for pregnant Women for aesthetic and hygienic Reasons instead of the Emergency-Supplements of Animal Food!


Dear Sir or Madam,

Regrettably, my person is forced to change the decision listed in this page to your disadvantage, as my hard-earned pocket money, which I have requested several times, has not been found in my account to date.

Since my pocket money was tied to two conditions by my person for security reasons, whereby it concerns on the one hand the abortions, which must be forbidden strictly and world-wide and punished heavily, by which the expulsion from the whole house must be the consequence and on the other hand my person did not want to provide primarily for you and your well-being, but nevertheless very much rather for humans from the Third World and for the unconditional justice for all humans concerned, now the following resolution becomes valid:

Every person living in Asia, India, Africa and South America will in future receive a fixed budget rate as food stamps.

The budget rate per person is now: 180 Euro/ Crowns Plus extra 20 Euro/ Crowns Monthly, which are however only valid for educational purposes in the matter and  commission as food stamps.

Tuesday, 12.06.2018

Every person living in Asia, India, Africa and South America, who has to and had to live for years constantly below the necessary dignity of a human being, will in future be given an above-mentioned fixed budget rate as food stamps.

Tuesday, 20.06.2018

Every person living in Asia, India, Africa and South America who has to and had to live constantly for years below the necessary dignity of a human being will in future be handed a fixed budget rate as food stamps.

All extras such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, medication and prescriptions as well as taxi rides and journeys to work will be charged separately. Pet food for the animals is also not included in the above rate, but are extras. 

For those who have led a higher standard of living in the above countries, the household rate is as follows: 100 EUR/ kroner Plus 40 EUR monthly as animal food stamps for consumption as emergency supplements worldwide.

Justification: If human can no longer recognise his limits, then he should realise it!

All the peoples of the world have had enough time for years and also enough witnesses on the ground to be able to contribute to a reasonable beginning in the matter.

Should my person have to wait for his pocket money next Tuesday, the resolution will be changed again to your disadvantage according to the situation!

Note: No one can easily reverse this kind of decision, not even my person!


As always, exceptions prove the rule, with a verifiable certificate from the respective attending physician to be provided to the trader or food issuing agency.

04 October 2020

This decision shall apply retroactively from that date until my pocket money is fully available in my account.

The currency will have to be changed to "kroner" during the transition period into a new age worldwide, with one kroner being equal to the value of one euro.

Do you and you kind not steal any longer my time, for it has already become very precious for all, which the earth has long since confirmed, and please keep to the documents of my person!

Please quickly find access to the matter and the commission of our all Creator, by submitting yourselves properly to the called-up world leadership and will duly carry out the tasks given to you!

* The household rate for every human being worldwide must be readjusted according to the respective situation!  05.05.2021