the world-cultural-heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Teamwork by all thinking People!


About the World Cultural Heritage

It is probably an ambition to make a special kind of art and culture for everybody accessible in the matter and commission of our all Lord and Creator.

Besides, innovative and integrative meeting-forms between guidance and audience are another aim which is intended.

The notification about a special kind of  "creative arts”, which can also cause with pleasure discussions, as well as the cultural creation in leisure time is looked from the beginning as an important condition of the common project.

In the course of time many persons responsible and partners who support the project, besides were hopefully found.

We are as the source of power of the World-Cultural-Heritage a separate team, which exists primarily of Three Persons and is presumably glad about interest from every generation: Whether Young, Old, Small or Great – get to know us!