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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Questions from the Children

Free English translation on 20 September 2021. The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Readers,

If the children and toddlers ask about the resolutions and wonder why the Empress makes such resolutions, you and your kind will give the children the reason truthfully, because people are starving, freezing to death in the world and "drowning" in the Mediterranean every day.

People and even children are killed in war zones every day and people get seriously ill in the world every day because they have no water and no hygienic aids. They have no medicine and often no roof over their heads.

Many children have to work on the streets or go begging and have no home and no parents and this is the fault of all those, who pretend that everything that has happened here in Luebeck should be normal and taken for granted.

The Empress is very, very angry at the behaviour of the peoples, especially at those who have pretended for years or decades as if nothing of significance had happened, and so now these boundless crimes especially the crimes of abortions will have to be punished, so that these peoples and their children will never do such a thing again, by pretending to be stupid or ignorant, and they will learn through these measures never again to allow, through their silence and cowardice, that other people can be put in great danger of their lives because of this and that other people have to die, because no help comes in time or especially people in Africa have already died because of this.

The Empress is very, very angry about this and now it can happen that these evil people of all peoples are themselves put in a high danger of life and could also die, so that it is fair and again other people can therefore stay alive who have not lived at such a high cost!

And whoever does not have to die, but has nevertheless been very, very bad, will receive a very severe beating or blow from a real fairytale Cudgel, which, however, cannot be seen and which the Empress has provided for every naughty and bad person.

And because the Empress has become so wicked over the peoples, all the people now have to pay for it and in the near future they will have to go by bicycle or by bus and soon they will no longer be allowed to drive their cars to work or to go shopping, otherwise the soldiers the Empress has ordered for the naughty people will come and shoot the car tyres with a shotgun, so that no one can drive a car any more, or else the fairytale Cudgel will smack the sick bum and then the naughty person will have to limp around!

The Empress has very little time left and cannot wear a crown because the bad people outnumber her and that is why it takes so long for the fairytale Cudgel to work all over the world. But it can only work when the fairy tale begins.

It begins with: Set the Table, so all people should be able to sit at the table and be full.

Then it goes on with the gold-ass who has the money divided up for all the poor and needy people, because the gold-ass is supposed to stretch over the earth and only then at the end of the fairy tale the Cudgel in the sack is said to come out of the sack and spank the butts of all the bad people so it is said:

Cudgel out of the Sack!

But the fairy tale goes much, much further for every single child in the world ................ as in wonderland, but that only works when the evil people are no longer in the majority and that's why the Empress has to get out of this evil city quickly, so that she can show the fairy tale Cudgel the next evil city and the next evil country until it has stretched over the whole world and the fairy tale can continue for all the children and of course also so that the Creator* and the whole Creation can come back into the world and the new age can begin..........

*Of course, then the dear God will also come back into the world, but that will take a while because people have done very, very bad things! 

*22.01.2021 Document reviewed.

Any questions?