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HP: Should you and others steal my time for one more day than necessary, then it must be expected that decisions that have been made but not implemented will be carried forward into modern times, so that our descendants will also realise that called Authorities are not to be trifled with!

03 June 2024

The 95 Necessary Theses

The 95 necessary Theses that everyone now has to blame themselves for!


Tit-for-Tat Response

The German-language document you may find here!

25 January 2018, Luebeck, Germany

Free English translation on 21 September 2021.

2, 4 billion euros are now needed very, very quickly for Yemen and a clear word on this and by contemporary witnesses of my hometown, for which now the 95 theses are ready, but other people should get to know these 95 theses too!! ! 


Beforehand, of course, many citizens of my home town will have to be questioned about the events and occurrences as witnesses in the matter, so that no unjustified decisions are made that have nothing to do with reality.

Attention: If an interviewee or another contemporary witness does not tell the truth or conceals something essential, then the expulsion from the house is pre-programmed for this person!

Remember: Ignorance is no excuse! These measures and resolutions have been equally aimed at the Cudgel of my person and adapted for the entire implementation!


Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the

Office of Mr. G. F. and Colleagues

Roeckstraße 38

23568 Luebeck

Luebeck, 20 March 2003

Free English translation on 21/ 22 September 2021.

January 2018 Document reviewed. Document revised on 4/5 October 2020. 

Document revised again on 5/6 May 2021. Checked on 21 September 2021.

The announced 95 Theses of my person:**


Order of your Empress

Dear Sirs,

Immediately you will please initiate a reasonable beginning in Luebeck, Germany  to be able to take control for the world and have the following orders carried out:

1.)  A part of the judiciary as well as the retired judges will please, as already stipulated among other things, see to it that every kind of mistreatment in the closed institutions such as prisons, old people's homes, nursing homes and psychiatries, which are practised by means of chemistry, high-tech or physical violence, is ended worldwide and accordingly some people are immediately set free.


2.) Another part of the judiciary will please take up residence accordingly in the prisons and in the psychiatries as well as in the social-psychologically run residential homes and in the other case change the place of residence and locally make up for the damage done to the people through social commitment. (Set up castles of the world) 2018**

Treatment with an appropriate chemical is mandatory, but few exceptions are exempted. Please have the total amount of chemicals applied to the affected persons distributed among the appropriate staff in terms of quantity until each of the affected persons is free from psychotropic drugs.

If possible, immediately reduce or stop treatment with chemicals that act directly on the brain.


3.)  The third part of the judiciary will take turns to contact the true clergy and dispense justice in the name of the Lord and not as before, in the name of a very sick people.

Basically, the salary or remuneration of the said judicial officers will have to be reduced to one-third with immediate effect and the general accumulated wealth will have to be frozen in the bank accounts.


4.) The Public Prosecutor's Office, together with some lawyers, will be involved in the execution, in that a real counter-performance of this group of persons will have to be presented, and that too by staying in the prisons and institutions; also, they will be made responsible for the tasks of financial policy and financial supervision of every citizen who is in possession of at least one villa, expensive vehicles, yachts, holiday homes and more, and can afford expensive trips and jewels in addition, which must also be taken as a basis in return for the now demanded socially rendered performance of everyone.

Only when each of the remaining imprisoned people is free of guilt or protected by the Cudgel of my person or has visibly atoned for his guilt and can be released, may the personnel of the special circles mentioned also be released from this imposed duty, otherwise it continues in turn with new arrivals. Everything else will be ordered.


5.) Sick personnel of the penal system, especially in the prisons and police stations, also sick personnel in the old people's and nursing homes, sick personnel in all hospitals as well as in the doctors' surgeries, please let them be seized and deal with these sick people in principle in the same way, either through chemistry or with the meanwhile visibly known possibilities applied via TV.

You will only have to proceed in this way in the case of a very definite burden of guilt through a confession, seen several times and confirmed via TV, if the Cudgel of my person has not yet become active.


6.)  You will please take the judge appointed by you against the Empress into custody under my person's supervision and transfer her to the psychiatric asylum, in order to have the damage done to the people concerned and their relatives, which Mrs. B. has also done, paid for, until she will be taken out of the asylum by a doctor appointed for her.

However, twelve weeks is the minimum for this stay, whereby the open institution, i. e. society, is not included in this arrangement. There will be no other way of releasing Ms ........ from the psychiatric institution or the psychiatric residential home, unless no one is staying in a closed, usual form of psychiatric institution and no new admissions are to be expected.


7.) In the same way, please proceed with the commissioned public health officer Ms. Schi... who you have directed against your Empress, or she will take part in the forthcoming journey as an accompanying official subordinate to me, or these "officials" will have to pay an appropriate compensation.

Everything else will be communicated to you personally in this regard.

Both of the ladies will please be disbarred or disqualified as judges, as will many others who could also be named by my person.


8.) In the Neustadt Specialist Clinic, please place all informed former staff under medication and withdraw the licence to practise medicine from the relevant people who were aware of the proportionality of my person at the time of my involuntary stay, or those who were on site.


9.) Usual expertises will be allowed to be written exclusively for the endangered group of persons; that means exclusively (mutually) for the psychiatrists, should they refuse to explore the actual contexts of the corresponding illness! (Causal research)

9a.) Such hitherto artificial and more than just "questionable rubbish" will no longer be allowed to be recognised and passed on in court.

You will please take turns to have the entire former psychiatrists and corresponding judges picked up or ordered to the asylums and deal with them there in exactly the same way as has happened with the mentally ill people. This category will please line up naked in the queue of the possible wash and shower rooms there and get in line.

Likewise, at night, such a psychiatrist or judge will be shone in the eyes with a torch and many of the usual jokes will also have to be applied.

Should anyone in this category refuse to go down this aisle, they will be transferred to the psychiatric ward in a straitjacket by the escort of Bundeswehr* soldiers.

Should someone of this category resist an appropriately dosed injection in the psychiatric ward, you will have them seized, strapped down and then injected with psychotropic drugs as practiced!


10.) The profession as a lawyer is also inadmissible and only meant for the end times, as a twisting of the law by this profession could also be considered. Authority on a subject and witnesses may be called upon to clarify the truth in court.


11.) The profession as a female judge is not permitted; in principle, only judges in conjunction with the true clergy and, as before, the lay assessors will be permitted.


12.) The responsible superiors of the named ladies in the case of the unjustified transfer of my person to the closed institution, please let them also be transferred to the closed institution by the penal system and treated there with chemistry for twelve weeks.


13.) Please have a list of names of those responsible for the licensing and admission of such judges and psychiatrists; please list in full by name all faculty and professors of the universities of the entire course of study of such persons.

Please consult the already older out-of-service and suitable gentlemen in this category on an honorary basis, who have demonstrably admitted only seasoned personalities, if any, in order to be able to determine and take as a basis a suitability of young people for a general higher education place.


14.) Please clarify immediately with the relevant financial institution that mentally ill persons are also authorised to sign vis-à-vis their guardians, as these "ill" persons are usually way above the level of a possibly necessary guardian.

In this respect, Ms. H.-S., a lawyer, will have to recognise a very special person as authorised to sign and this kind of a carer will not be allowed to receive a cent from a financial institution without a signature of this special person.


15.) The flat in Wendische Strasse** will no longer remain as a second home for Ms. R. K., the said flat Am Ährenfeld** will become her property.


16.)  All former employees of Deutsche Bank in management** with the exception of the trainees in Roeckstrasse, Am Kaufhof and Kohlmarkt as well as the responsible bank clerks from Frankfurt am Main, who were aware of the financial claims of my person and the "not quite insignificant" incidents or however one may name such an event, or who may have been informed of them by or from my person, or shall be informed of them by or through my person, will learn to manage together with their life partners with a household allowance in the amount of the fixed budget rate of now 30 EUR per week** each until revoked, whereby 8 weeks is the minimum, in that only animal food will be allowed for consumption, also because too many people have already had to die of starvation, which was not necessary or else they will immediately pay a correspondingly high compensation.

Only on the first of each month may these, as bank employees of Deutsche Bank AG, claim the household money and not a day earlier!


17.) My person very much regrets this irrevocable decision, whereby it must also be expected that even further cuts could be made, because my demands are non-negotiable and long overdue!

This group of people will please also immediately reclaim the birthday and Christmas presents they still have from their recipients and, if necessary, hand them over to the traders.

Otherwise, the citizens of Luebeck will also reclaim all gifts from their recipients and keep them under lock and key, so that these Luebeckers remember that they have lived and bought gifts at the expense of their Authorities, as if nothing significant had happened or this high significance should be valued very little and classified as insignificant.

The same is already true for the following year or will be true for the coming year.


18.)   A double household of the category "bank employee" in Luebeck will be compensated with a total of 10 EUR per month; the children living in the household are exempt from this measure, but any encroachment by the persons concerned outside the permitted household allowance, which for the time being amounts to 120 EUR**/ converted into kroner/ per person per month, is not permitted.

For the purchase of exclusively animal food for the consumption of eight* weeks instead of food, preferably all decision-makers of the Deutsche Bank and some of the decision-makers of the FRG will receive animal food value tokens in an unlimited amount for the consumption of food ** 120 EUR/ kroner, which has its validity due to the current famines and this decision is confirmed, but can change on both sides according to the situation of the affected people.


19.) The child allowance will be distributed exclusively in the form of stamps for children's needs, which will be valid for two years.


20.)  Already existing foodstuffs or also intoxicants in the storage facilities of the respective households will please all be compensated accordingly (by the Federal Police)* and voluntarily named, which are to be brought to the aforementioned estimated level of household allowance or prescription by the doctor or must be confiscated.

Every informed person from church and politics, who indirectly let my person divide the money as well as their life partner, will have to be withdrawn from now on all bank cards and the accounts will have to be set up accordingly to the available frame in the amount of: 100 EUR/ kroner plus 40 EUR/ kroner animal food stamps monthly excluding FIX costs, which will be made available for 4 weeks also exclusively for the purchase for animal food or starvation is another alternative to it.


21.) As of today, the Empress's required pocket money is now EUR 4,000,000, whereby my person's eating habits will not exceed any limit, as at least half of the available food is to be fairly given to the Third World!

The amount of my person's pocket money will not change, but the actions of the population will change according to my unfulfilled demands!


22.) The household allowance for every other citizen, which is paid out solely in cash or as tokens, is now hereby newly named** (The household allowance must be recalculated and fixed in each case) and is valid for the period of twenty-four months.

If the household allowance per person of 120 EUR/ 100 EUR/ kroner plus 40.00 EUR/ kroner as tokens for animal food for consumption is no longer sufficient to live on each month, which is now also regrettably estimated for every working Luebecker, those affected will die of starvation, have to eat animal food or rubbish leftovers or, in exceptional cases, have to ask for a prescription for food through the family doctor.

A hot, nutritious, daily meal will be provided free of charge on weekdays for every working person who participates unresistingly in the restructuring of large-scale projects.

For housewives who run the household accordingly with electricity, water and heating costs, 133 EUR**/ kroner per month is available for living needs as well as for children from the age of fourteen through the food stamps.

For children under the age of fourteen, 110 EUR/ kroner will be available. The child benefit will be given exclusively in tokens for children's needs, although children's visits to restaurants will also be possible in severe exceptional cases.

If a person has already been starving for a longer period of time, excluding the war years, also: 133 EUR/ kroner will be made available for living needs.

People who suffer from a constant source of pain and can no longer participate in the restructuring of working life, which would actually be a great pity, also receive EUR 133/ kroner per month as household allowance, as do pensioners.

All intoxicants such as cigarettes and tobacco products, alcohol and drugs are exclusive and are declared as prescriptions through the medical profession.


23.) The commute to work will be exclusively by bicycle or public transport. Otherwise, the travel allowance will have to be paid and accounted for by the employer.

The rest of the jointly generated money will remain blocked in the bank accounts and will be moved through a large pot.

The financial debt trap of individuals will be lifted and shifted to social debt and benefits according to the amount. (Supervision by lawyers, public prosecutors and judges).

Renting out a house, a flat or renting out living space for use for necessary living needs is not legally permissible, if a payment or financial remuneration will be demanded by a landlord. 

Every citizen of Luebeck, including every citizen of Travemuende and the surrounding area, who occupies or considers as his or her property a house or building worth more than EUR 250,000 and above, must expect to have to vacate this residential domicile in order to exchange it for a simple rented flat.

By means of the Federal Armed Forces and the Federal Police*, these Luebeckers are to be expropriated accordingly, but they are allowed to set up a hut, tents or caravans (containers) on the current property in order to live there on site and are allowed to use the sanitary facilities, if accessible, of the former house once a day, which must preferably be made available for the refugees with children, which in the end one has to blame oneself for, or else this type of residential facility must be used for patchwork families. (See letter)

A letter regarding property claims is available and must also be truthfully ascertained after such a change of residence by means of a form, which is to be handed in to the tax office, where only suitable experts are to take their place, please.

Estate houses, simple houses and terraced houses may remain inhabitable by the present occupants. Here, too, please submit an appropriate form to determine the claim to ownership.

All other house dwellers who are between a new comfortable house and a new villa will be allowed to move into a simple rented flat by the exchange of a family with many children or will be allowed to live on the present property according to the specification, but this could remain so for some years, as the matter and the assignment did not allow this luxury for years.

This applies preferably to those who already knew of my person and have contributed nothing worth mentioning in the matter.

Hamburg will then, in case of non-fulfilment of my demands, (possibly Villa (abortions, famines, pocket money) from then on, be the consequential city of these resolutions and thus the highly hyped-up people and subsequently also the neighbouring peoples will ultimately be able to normalise themselves worldwide, which can also be settled by other means.

Washing machines and furniture exceeding a certain weight limit like stone furniture will not be transported and will remain in the houses due to the forced removals.

As a benchmark, two movers can carry a piece of furniture without suffering long-term damage, perhaps by bringing the body weight of the persons and the weight of the object into a reasonable relation, which would be the task of the health inspectorate and the health insurance companies.

Women in particular must also be protected by law from work involving heavy physical loads.


24.) The former informed employees of the Barmer Ersatzkrankenkasse Luebeck will also be included in this above-mentioned measure of 120 euros per month, whereby in each case the amount of 3.00 EUR** per month will additionally be deducted because of the invoiced and unjustified ambulance transport of your Empress.

All but justified doctor's fees and additional care costs will in future have to be borne exclusively by the health and care insurance funds with the help of the big pot.

The health insurance companies will please have to record and monitor the cause of illnesses of the workers in the respective companies, examining and, if necessary, changing or forbidding the workplaces of the workers, which could be triggered by the activity or the work areas, for example, by means of EDP, (eyes, posture damage, nerves, etc.) chemistry or radiation and then seriously lobbying the employers to curb the illnesses of the workers by registering these anomalies and, in case of disregard of the necessary requirements, the employers can possibly be deprived of the management of the company.

An expropriation of any enterprise, each of which has a value higher than One hundred thousand = 100.000 EUR/ kroner, will also be carried out by the Federal Armed Forces and the Federal Police and will go to the big moving pot.

Every business, company and institution, with the exception of the Roman Catholic Church, if the latter provides proof of the claimed truth and power, may not in future exceed the specified rate worldwide or establish branches under foreign or family shareholders, otherwise any excess profit will be ceded to the state and will go into the common pot to the respective state treasury. 


Regrettably, the environment is already fighting back due to the increasing disasters, and so the implementation of the resolutions is becoming more and more difficult, which are more than just valuable, especially for the people of Luebeck!!!

25.) Cosmetic items may only be obtained by debiting the blocked accounts through a catalogue order, not exceeding the respective monthly amount of 20.00 EUR/ kroner in cosmetic tokens per woman and youth.

Cigarettes, intoxicant costs, prescription fees, bus tickets to the workplace and pet food for the pet are exclusive as well as rent and fixed utility costs; however, means for daily needs are included, for example detergents, cleaning agents, shoe and bicycle repairs.


26.) City transport, taxi drivers, vehicle fleets or logistics companies and bus companies receive the petrol and other maintenance costs for their motor vehicles exclusively for the service provided by means of official vehicles, which means that separate EC cards must be handed in at petrol stations and repair workshops and that self-service petrol stations are no longer permitted.

Please saddle up especially in the area of Luebeck and surroundings in agriculture and forestry to the horse-drawn vehicle and reduce also there the petrol and diesel consumption quite considerably, however, expand many manageable farms also nationwide and let worldwide prices be determined exclusively by the own and controlled production of the food of the respective country, which can be made possible without the competition of a cheap supplier by export.


27.) You will please have to set up the accounts accordingly for this group of people and a little later for every other group of people mentioned, and in some cases also have the limit of 250,000  (One hundred thousand) 1000,000 euros/ kroner** restricted. These accounts will have to be strictly monitored, as the environment and everyone else will have to indirectly share in unnecessary consumption, especially through road users.

For the vast majority of Luebeck's motor vehicle drivers, however, it will apply from now on that everyone will be given a full tank of petrol or diesel at the petrol station from the date of Prince Martin's hopefully voluntary assumption of power, but this will mean that the TUEV-sticker will be removed immediately and the vehicle will be parked with an almost empty tank and may not be refuelled again for the time being.

Self-service at petrol stations is hereby strictly prohibited and will be monitored by the Bundeswehr soldiers. If someone has stashed fuel and does not declare it, criminal charges will be brought and the driver's licence will be revoked.


28.)  Furthermore, the names of a group of people still to be named will be entered in writing in the land register of the city of Luebeck, so that these (diseased nutcases) will be given a street name, which will later be used exclusively by this category in Luebeck as a deterrent. Some of these people your Empress will be able to name and will have to act accordingly.

For every litre of petrol or diesel consumed unnecessarily, especially for empty runs of lorries, for the use of petrol engines in agriculture, forestry and horticulture as well as in allotment gardens, a good cup of castor oil is to be drunk.

For every cup of castor oil drunk at the petrol station, the chainsaw may then also be used, for example, or the pavements cleared with a pneumatic device, but this measure should not be blamed solely on the empress's stick for supervision. 


29.)  In particular, please also have all those responsible for the matter switch to cycling or public transport.

If required or necessary, please exchange each other's workplaces independently as no commuters will be allowed. The labour force at a distant location is not in any reasonable relation to the environmental pollution and health risk that has been created, which also increases in this regard and burdens all people.

Only the current customers of the German Federal Railways may still keep their workplace as commuters, however, for the cultural travellers * railway placements should be made available as a priority. 


30.) Once again, let there be an immediate switch to cycling or public transport. This also includes moped riders, moped riders and motorcyclists, as children in particular must be able to move safely in road traffic by bicycle and, if possible, without crash helmets.

Future-oriented locomotion by means of, for example, a registered dynamo power storage unit, which could be converted into a completely clean, biodegradable energy power circuit solely by driving one's own body power, and inserted into an electric motor, may be used, for example, for an electric bicycle or also for other tools or devices. (Need for development)


31.) The former responsible persons of the building cooperative Neue Luebecker, who rejected the revoked notice of termination of a special person Fr. R. K. from the rented flat Philosophenweg, will now please vacate their houses together with their family and leave the houses or flats accordingly renovated by themselves ready for occupancy in order to move into equivalent blocks of flats of the former Philosophenweg.

The corresponding staff will please take the psychotropic drugs for 4 weeks, which this person had to take at the time of the notice to vacate the flat, or else these people will make a corresponding compensation payment!

The lawyer Ms. Han..-Sau.. will also be involved in this measure. will also be involved in this measure, but this lady will have to suffer the effects of the medication for half a year.


32.) The tenants at that time, for example from Philosophenweg, and other tenants who were in the roommate environment of the particular person and falsely accused this person, for example, of disturbing the peace with the housing associations, will also have to get to know the medication for four weeks and thus take it, which can be prosecuted retroactively in each case, or everyone from this neighbourhood will also receive a notice of termination of the current rental flat.

The specifically named people of the New Luebeckers will please move into the respective blocks of flats or rented flats or, if necessary, exchange their flats with some of the tenants or will have to pay a corresponding consideration to the aggrieved party.

Please choose the residential area for the execution where, after moving into the living quarters, professional and full-volume redevelopment will take place; for example, the corresponding rented flats in Eichholz, where the mice and rats are to be found behind the walls, which these aforementioned people and people from the former WOBAU have probably inflicted on more than one special person.


Likewise, all German politicians will vacate their comfortable houses and villas and move into a simple block of flats, or else immediately from the date of the last revision of the resolution will make a correspondingly high counter-performance in the matter.


33.) Especially those responsible in the matter, who had knowledge of my person, will also have to vacate their comfortable houses and move into simple rented flats; unfortunately, the lawyer and notary ...Mr. Fau... and Prince Ma... also belong to these people, since in the residential area of my person my neighbours were allegedly "endangered" by my person, but my person was in fact endangered quite considerably to life and limb by them. 

For both gentlemen the dwelling house in Ruebenkoppel No. 2 A is intended.


34.) The former responsible persons, including their lawyers of the then LEG, will reimburse my person the claimed rent payment without resistance and will also have to put together with their spouses or life companions 6 weeks exclusively on animal food or, in addition, provide an appropriate counter-performance.

These responsible persons will also have to leave their luxury flats and comfortable houses with their family members and move into equivalent living quarters, such as those found in Ruebenkoppel and Sandkrugskoppel.

Accordingly, many former flatmates from Ruebenkoppel and the nearby area will immediately change their flat or house to move into the basement rooms ** (Luebeck's old residential buildings). From there they can continue their shenanigans, but no longer with people like myself. These people can instead make a high return in the matter on earth or else in the hereafter.


35.)  If in the meantime the perpetrator of the fire, which was caused in the cellar of the flat of a certain person in Sandkrugskoppel, should be known, then you will please inform me of this immediately, or else the perpetrator will refute the accusations against a certain tenant at that time and make a high counter-performance in the matter.


36.) Please have a complete list of the names of all those responsible, who were informed in particular about the more than shameful financial possibilities of my person, as the Empress thus had to be put into life-threatening conditions several times in addition.

There is no excuse for such behaviour, especially because the most precious and precious of a human being has been and is still being played with!

Sick people or "fiecher" are now also no longer excusable in this respect. For this reason, these creatures will also have to be treated with psychotropic drugs for four weeks, so that they will feel and understand for themselves in the future with whom and how they have allowed themselves to be played with, or else these sick people will have to pay a correspondingly high consideration in the hereafter.


37.) The use of electricity and petrol to operate and carry out all caretaking and gardening activities are "cancelled" for all staff of all building cooperatives. For example, have the hand lawn mower, broom, hand saw and hand hedge trimmers changed, also so that the unnecessary noise caused can be contained, since after all the tenant is also the cost bearer of the employees of a building cooperative.


38.) Have the pavements sanded and hand gritted only and also swept or cleared by hand broom in appropriate weather.


39.) Again, electricity and petrol are generally not permitted for normal gardening in allotments, in front gardens or gardens, only exceptions will be allowed for this use. 


40.) Similarly, you will have the freezers in shops and in households switched off if possible, but not** until there is a direct request from the Authorities. The use of all household dishwashers must also be reduced, as electricity and heating have long since become the ultimate luxury.

The use of a refrigerator is permitted, bearing in mind that there must be an electricity limit for each household!


41.) The use of electricity for washing machines will also have to be limited and set up accordingly by a measure using Bundeswehr soldiers for controlled use; only elderly sick people from the age of eighty as well as physically handicapped people will be allowed free use of the washing machine. (See letter)


42.) Again, please write to the people of Luebeck asking them to stop using their cars.

Have the petrol stations monitored and set up in this regard. 

In serious cases, by the "mentally handicapped Luebeckers" in case of refusal to obey, please immediately monitor the speed of motor vehicles more strictly by immediately revoking the driving licence in case of excessive speed.


43.) The maximum speed limit is 30 km/h in the city and surrounding areas with immediate effect. Continuously but surely minimise driving a motor vehicle to 30 km/h.


44.)  Also very much reduce the deliveries by trucking to the real needs and to the limited purchasing power based on the given funds, and also set a permissible maximum speed here until further notice.


45.) Again, all previous responsible persons from church, economy and politics are immediately requested to use a public means of transport or the bicycle.


46.) Taxi fares are to be paid either by the health insurance or by the approved budget money. 


47.) Divide petrol as well as all fuels such as gas more rationally, as it is imperative that the exploitation of the earth comes to a standstill worldwide in the foreseeable future.


48.) Please take the opportunity in good time to offer travellers a meaningful trip abroad by providing people with the appropriate instructions so that, if possible, no empty trips have to be financed. 

Only in severe exceptional cases of mental weakness are tourists tolerated exclusively as holidaymakers.


49.) From now on, every able-bodied "Christian person" will have to carry his or her own luggage or suitcase; this means that only an old or handicapped person will be allowed to use a trolley; all others will have to convert their trolley back into a portable suitcase, so that no one forgets that the Empress had to carry her luggage without help under very unfair and shameful conditions (especially in Italy) on her official trips abroad.


50.) The money for the properly used journeys will be declared from the already mentioned and blocked accounts by the common pot as cultural journeys including recreational value and will be allowed to be provided free of charge according to the situation, whereby for equal costs abroad half of the usual hospitality of the individual must always be a benchmark! (For two persons = one usual filled plate).


51.) If the children's school satchels continue to be so heavy, please have them converted into a school satchel trolley. 


52.) Make the schools, kindergartens and parents aware that due to some kind of new cultural movement, many motor vehicle drivers will tend to speed during the transition period and will probably not react in time and properly in traffic.

Pay special attention to the children and the elderly and do not let anyone get killed for the aforementioned reason.

Again, have people switch to bicycle or public transport at times.


53.) In case of refusal to obey the order, order should be maintained by the police force, by the Bundeswehr, by the BGS Federal police or by the empress's truncheon.


54.) Inform the dog owners about the corresponding requirement and act accordingly with the cat owners by means of the Federal Armed Forces soldiers.

55.) Some of Luebeck's dog owners should be sent behind the tree at times by the Empress's Cudgel every evening with a bag ;-). 


56.) Please change the headmasters accordingly if necessary and hand over the headmastership to an established (without a false halo) Catholic if at all possible, preferably and reintroduce the main subject religion in all types of schools. 

If necessary, please request the suitable teaching staff with their entire families from the respective regions. Few seasoned exceptions will be allowed to lead a school in the right spirit even as a Protestant.


57.) Please immediately divide the Hauptschule, Gesamtschule, Realschule and Gymnasium strictly according to boys and girls. 

Public public schools are no longer permitted and will please have to be immediately converted into state schools for privileged pupils who have suffered severe learning disabilities as a result of this society and culture.

Please proceed in the same way with the personnel questions in the day-care centres and please give this part of the Christian task and responsibility into the hands of confessed Catholics, if they still exist at all, as they must also answer according to the penalty adapted for this for natural reasons.

Exceptions also confirm the rule here, and confessed personalities of the most diverse denominations are permitted, if the children are supervised in the true spirit and introduced to the true faith.


58.) Involve parents and grandparents in the supervisory and educational duties of the kindergartens by all means. 

The same applies to the day-care centres and nurseries, which may only be used for children who come from a disturbed environment and home. (So for the majority of children).


59.) Refrain from some kinds of schizophrenic action on people in the Protestant churches of Luebeck; this includes baptism, blessings, confirmation and the gift table. As a Protestant dignitary, you may continue to perform weddings, as well as funerals, like a registrar, but without schizophrenic action.


60.) Get Catholics to join the churches and learn to pray together with the children according to the norm of a human being on his knees. Please do not forget to equip the churches with kneeling benches without exception.

Only in front of and because of the children, you too as adults please carry out this teaching and norm in the churches. Artificial chatter or prayer is strictly forbidden to everyone; this means that no one has to change his habits in this respect and relationship; this applies preferably also to a Catholic.


61.) Every older person will and can be secured exclusively by his and other people's children in a quite natural way, in that everyone will bring his and other people's children into the true and right Christian teaching and security with his possibilities.


62.) It will not be enough for any human to have provided for himself /  herself and his/ her peace of mind without having fulfilled his obligation to the next generation and the generations that follow.


63.) Have the animal clothes also withdrawn from circulation through the kindergartens and schools as well as items with animal deformities and temporarily consider the households as well; collect these and other products in a sustainable way. (See letter)

Properly deploy specialised personnel in the toy departments and toy shops. Likewise, please act in the textile and shoe shops, especially in the children's departments.


64.) Stop unqualified children's broadcasting via the TV, video, CD, DVD, PC,** Internet, radio and cassettes and control the magazines, books, advertising columns, shop windows and again the Internet.


65.) Compile a list of names of the advertisers and also a complete list of the corresponding models and showmen. For this purpose, please look at the advertisements in the shop windows of Apollo Optik (Old woman with her tongue out)!? and please seriously consider which group of people is preferably confronted with this.


66.) Set up the gaming arcades and gambling halls for parlour games such as card and board games as well as for dart and billiard games and set a permissible limit for prize games of all kinds. Allow slot machines to be operated with chips only, with no real payout of winnings.

Close all gyms and tanning salons and re-function them into dance schools. 

All competitive sports are strictly forbidden for women because of the danger of uterine prolapse or loss of the uterus and because all competitive sports visually turn a woman into half a man.


67.) Every human being has to dress and do his/ her hair accordingly, so that a baby and toddler can clearly recognise and correctly assign the sex of a human being. Since a child of this age is not yet able to express itself accordingly, this measure passes into the controlled mental power combined with the Cudgel into the Monumental-Realm in case of disobedience. 

Every normal-minded person has to help his neighbour in this respect.


68.) It is to be hoped that an iron fist will only smash the gourmet and exclusive shop Karstadt AG for the purpose of a discharge. Should this occur, then some certain Luebeckers will carry the rubble and shards, dressed in gloves, on trucks. 

A bulldozer or other tools are strictly forbidden. 

On their knees, please, those who have known about the matter for years, including many people from Rheinfeld, Sereetz and Stockelsdorf, will also be there.


69.) It would be desirable if all supermarket goods could be found on the floor through the umbrella of your Empress from the shelves, so that you would have to employ enough sales staff and this staff would be forced to collect the goods not with a shopping trolley but with a carrying basket by means of the customers' shopping slips, to collect the goods for the customers at a checkout counter and hand them out at the checkouts.

For very old people you may offer benches to sit on; all others will have to queue at a closed counter.

In order to get this project rolling, all young people (up to the age of 21) from the FRG who have already been convicted or are in juvenile homes, psychiatric wards and prisons, as well as many Luebeck trainees, will be asked to take all the goods from the shelves and stalls in all supermarkets, department stores and discount shops here in Luebeck, with the exception of the Plus-Shops and the Fress-Napf shops, for example, and place them undamaged on the floor. 

The same applies to the whole area around Luebeck, such as Travemuende, Bad Segeberg, Ratzeburg, Ploen and Eutin.

So you and your ilk will certainly not suffer from any lack of imagination for a restructuring of the discounter chains towards retail and will presumably be able to make provisions in other cities in this respect, with a letter already in hand for a restructuring from self-service to service.


70.) Shopping with a trolley will be strictly prohibited in future; only shopping baskets will be allowed. 

The elderly from the age of about 80, the sick and the disabled will be allowed to use a trolley to pull for the shopping trip; all others will generally carry the goods themselves on a bicycle or, if necessary, with a pram.


71.) Put the men, primarily carried out by physical strength for garden cultivation, church building, garden block house building, for manageable farms, for tool conversion to a mechanical mechanism and for the future-oriented bicycle industry and for handicrafts for example as a cobbler, butcher or as a carpenter into bread and work.

Please also think, for example, of the Flender shipyard in Luebeck; instead of large tanker ferries, have large sailing ships (mainly made of wood) built as a means of locomotion and transport. 


72.) In addition to all larger projects of this kind, set up a warm independent kitchen including eating facilities through good home cooking, run by seasoned housewives who can demonstrate (their own child nutrition) very good knowledge of nutritional theory and practice and who would like to earn a warm meal in addition. (Costs borne by large pot)


73.) Especially every man who performs his work by a physical activity, such as on a building site, on a medium-sized farm or in a medium-sized handicraft workshop, will be provided with a warm and healthy meal a day free of charge by the city treasury.

Do not introduce school leavers to the present working life, but let the young people together find a start for a useful and future-oriented activity by creating facilities in advance, such as workshops as watchmakers, as tailors, as carpenters, etc. 

For some years now, almost every university graduate has been more of a danger and a burden to the cycle of life and the earth; unfortunately, it is not the other way round!

74.) Please let the likewise imagined profession "psychiatrist" in every respect be exchanged into the professional title as a psychochemist and stop every branching off of this imagined profession (partly social workers, psychotherapists, secular dignitaries etc.), which deal with the psyche of a human being and money can be earned with it. 

A doctor with the expertise of the psyche is admitted sporadically.

Among other things, please have all the signage of the said stand taken off the doors and walls and set up a decent and expert treatment method for the narcotic addicts or drug addicts by the psychochemists, who are also to be found in turn in the psychiatry or juvenile detention centres as a kind of shield. (Castles of the World)


75.) Remove the new alcoholic mixed drinks from sale immediately.

Have the market of all chemicals and plants from which drugs can be made cleared and controlled by the armed forces.


76.) Immediately stop striptease in discotheques, especially probably in the remote village discotheques and do not forget the TV and internet including videos and DVDs also in the households in this regard. Have all "brothels" closed down and pay the ladies their fixed expenses and the fixed budget rate for loss of wages.


77.) Every psychiatrist or psychiatress formerly informed by the Authorities will have to be injected for a time with the highest possible dose for the person concerned, since among other things the suspicion has meanwhile arisen that through the expertise of a psychiatrist there must have been attempts to kill my stand, especially since a letter to this effect was also issued on my part or else an appropriate compensation payment must be made by these persons concerned!! !


78.) Administer a corresponding depot injection with Fluranzol or, if necessary, tablets to the former people from the care offices and to every caregiver or guardian for half a year, but only if they wanted to make a name for themselves through the care by means of affected persons and took advantage, as will very often be the case with the legal profession, or also in the case of such caregivers who spend more than an average of twenty minutes in front of the mirror, because they were then able to correctly assess the significance of the side effects of such pharmaceuticals and did not honestly do anything about it for the person being cared for, or else a correspondingly high consideration will have to be demanded from these people!

In future, such people will also have to pay for the care of those affected in a decent way, in that they too will receive their house money exclusively through corresponding authorised signatories via the financial institutions; that is, preferably through the people who are tied to the psychotropic drugs, until everyone to be cared for can manage without psychotropic drugs.


79.) Alcohol and cigarettes are not over-the-counter products and may only be dispensed under medical supervision by the pharmacist. Occasional light wines and beer in manageable quantities are excluded from this measure.


80.) All paediatricians in Luebeck who have prescribed or administered psychotropic drugs or similar sedatives to the children, or who have referred the children and adolescents to child and youth psychologists, are asked to take the correct doses of the psychotropic drugs already administered to the children and adolescents themselves, or to ensure immediately that these children and adolescents can find their inner peace naturally!

The children who have been taken to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, as well as those who have been taken to an educational institution for nervous reasons and are treated there with psychotropic drugs, these children will be taken out of these circles by these so-called doctors, in that the administered amounts of chemicals are to be taken in parallel to the children and adolescents on site by these doctors as a kind of protective shield for the children until the children and adolescents can live without drugs.

Again, should children or adolescents as patients have got into this mentioned cycle, all so-called doctors involved, the referring doctor and the treating doctor will take the same amounts of the prescribed psychotropic drugs on site, i. e. in front of the children and adolescents in the psychiatric wards, until all treated children and adolescents have become free of psychotropic drugs.


81.) The former paediatrician or paediatricians of Luebeck who have forwarded a letter from the Empress addressed to the paediatric profession to the psychiatric asylum in Neustadt will please go exactly there and stay there for four weeks under psychotropic drugs or give a correspondingly high consideration in the matter.

To the other paediatricians of Luebeck you will please present the posters of the bus stops of the Luebeck public utility company or the notices of the video stores and these doctors will then be transferred in turn for a fortnight to the child and youth psychiatric institutions by the soldiers of the German armed forces as patients or else demand a correspondingly high consideration in the matter from the persons concerned. (Castles of the World)


82.) The general dispensing of dangerous medicines with side effects by pharmacies is also no longer permitted as practised.

Only prescription medicines that are precisely counted in terms of quantity and strictly dosed are to be dispensed in a controlled manner by pharmacies to the attending doctor or to be taken or used during the presence of the doctor or, if necessary, the pharmacist! 

In the event of unlawful action, the doctor will be held responsible if the prescribed medication is secretly administered to a third party and the person concerned is harmed or even killed as a result. 


83.) Should an expectant mother be hit in this regard, then the medical profession will really get to know the Empress, and that will not be a pleasure!


84.) Since my person is an Empress of the people and will continue to go among the people to ensure law and order, informed persons respectively "fiecher" will keep a minimum distance from my person in every respect. 

The same will probably be true for the Emperor, for the King and his wife as well as for the German Princes.

Should you and others also as diseased knowingly act contrary, then with certainty also retroactively an appropriate reckoning respectively a thrashing on such a creature will be carried out by the Monumental-Area.

This last instruction is valid for life towards the Authorities and is to be carried out irrevocably.


85.) Every person informed for years and months, who knew abut a longer period of at least 4 weeks that my person had not stood in front of a film camera, for example, to resign many years ago and knowingly had this or other things falsely portrayed in public, so that this person had it easier or advantages, but my person thereby had to endure some things even harder, this kind of "person" will be ordered full-time and alternately to the municipal rubbish collection, from which Prince Martin is exempt, but he will have to cooperate in the ordered demolition work. (See letter)

By this mentioned circle of persons the whole of Luebeck will be supplied by the waste transport until the possible turn of the millennium, but by switching to the horse-drawn vehicle instead of the usual refuse collection vehicles, in order to get to the Niemarkt refuse dump, so that these creatures of Luebeck will not forget who had to swallow their double dirt in addition. 


86.) Any transgression of your rights towards the true Authorities can also mean expulsion from the house for anyone.

As a foreigner, this instruction applies for the time being to my person only conditionally abroad, although even abroad in the superior sense is under the command of the Authorities.

87.)  Failure to help one's neighbour will be prosecuted and severely punished; this applies especially to people who are still healthy or informed, or to half animals.

Unlawful action of this condition will also be prosecuted and punished retroactively.

Any further attack or attempt to oppress the Authorities, especially the Emperor, the Empress and the King, including the two German (negative) Princes (Prince Martin, Prince Wolfgang, the Empress's husband and all members of the family), will be punished with a severe beating and subsequent expulsion from the house.

88.) Verbal orders of the Empress as well as orders of the said Authorities shall also be duly executed.

89.) Otherwise, each of these "specifically handicapped" will move to assigned housing or to their front yards, so that this kind of person can be better kept under control.

90.) Do not force my person to the order, by not allowing any other possibility to dispose of the excrements for the dog and cat owners, than that these animal owners have to be sent behind the tree every evening, by according to a delivered letter here in Luebeck no beginning will be found with the pets as prescribed!

For the killing of an animal, please use well-trained veterinarians, foresters or butchers and refrain from any form of applied chemistry or electricity in this regard. 

91.) Those responsible for the media, especially the medium of film will please inform you to have especially the newer animal series (and animal kissing films (dog tongue kiss !!) from the year approx. 1995 immediately withdrawn from circulation, otherwise exactly these and others who have knowingly blocked this resolution by the flow of information will be sent behind the tree every evening together with the film makers and television directors! 

92.) The veterinary profession has to render unconditional obedience in that they will come to their senses again without delay. 

Several letters have been received in this regard, including a very demanding one. 

(Unfounded killing of a pet is also partly a matter of Cudgel due to reincarnation having become possible, otherwise only let animals be killed by a professionally aimed blow or shot)*** March 2018

In case of disobedience, "the so-called business" of a human being is equated with that of a dog by requiring a tree by a bag and a pick-up. Further, if necessary, a can opener for dog and cat food will be responded to instead of providing food.


93.) Whoever from the beginning of the year 2003 had knowingly dared to suppress the entire Authority, which can be fathomed and guided by the Monumental-Area, will have to be supplied with one meal a day by the food of a dog (Fa. Fress-Napf) and this until every dog owner of Luebeck obeys and only goes "walking" with his animal in the late evening hours as communicated and determined by a letter, or else a high consideration will have to be brought in concerning the matter.


94.) All others who have responded in a cheap and very primitive manner to the Authorities, especially for the sake of the Empress's due nerve, in order then also to subordinate the Empress and expose her to many dangers from others and subsequently to put the Empress on an equal footing with the population, will purchase a bucket or chamber pot, in order to then immediately use this as a toilet and then, until further notice, to tip the excrement into the closable toilet drainpipe, as the toilet bowl as well as the water tank will be dismantled under official supervision, whereby water from the tap should be used for flushing by using a watering can or a scoop filled with water.

This now affects almost all Luebecker citizens with the exception of disabled or handicapped people and old people who have reached their eighty-second birthday, as none of the Luebeckers reacted like a human being and thus temporarily cannot be treated like a respectable person.

For this reason, throughout Luebeck and the surrounding area, the water flush and toilet bowl will have to be dismantled immediately, but in such a way that no one will be able to re-install a toilet bowl or water flush by installing it themselves. Failure to do so will result in the drain pipe being completely cemented in! 

Buckets, watering cans or other containers will have to be used for flushing and should be provided. 

With Catholics, the natural penalty is somewhat different, and it is for this very reason that in every household where a Catholic lives and has attained the age of twenty-five years, no difference will be decided by my person until further notice. 

Every Catholic should remember daily that not only the Authorities are Catholic and every one of these creatures of Luebeck should also know that if a person like my person is in such a dangerous situation and at the same time someone has behaved like a "cowardly pig", this someone must also be treated accordingly.


94 a) For this reason, every Catholic will have to take care in the near future that a true for the time being German-speaking clergyman will very strongly limit his delegated authority during the Eucharist celebration, respectively will have to renounce the consecration for good reasons, since a clear change of sides of "heaven" has already announced itself, respectively seems to have clearly taken place!

Otherwise, every Catholic will become acquainted with the measures indicated here in the hereafter, until it is ensured that no further "abuse of heaven" will be committed in the churches!

(((These people may or may have to ask their neighbours in this respect for a disposal into the still existing toilet bowl drain pipe of a neighbour, as the pipe of the toilet bowl of a Catholic could be closed by cement, or else these Catholics will have to bury their excrements daily with bucket and shovel, which will be made dependent on a German-speaking Roman Catholic service and in this respect on the behaviour of a clergyman (leave out the Eucharist service)!

Should anyone dare to use the public rubbish bins for this purpose, then these creatures will feel the Cudgel of the Empress and will be ordered to the rubbish dump in Niemarkt for this sorting work!

Exceptions are allowed to this mentioned measure and other measures, which confirm the rule. Thus exceptions also apply to all the above measures of the living quarters of the first-degree relatives of the Authorities as well as, arguably, to the Authorities themselves.


95.)  Anyone who had dared to abuse the dangerous situation in which the Authorities found themselves defenceless, these diseased creatures will immediately voluntarily surrender their driving licences and switch to bicycles, in other words, probably almost every elderly Luebeck resident.

Tasks of the Federal Armed Forces and the Federal Police* (alias BGS*) &  Clavator


Draw up Circulars!


Information notices/ resolutions/ Various homepages respectively publicising the documents of my person by newspaper publishers.


Collection of tools and electrical appliances for the purpose of sex from flats, attics, cellars, gardens, garages, allotments and cars etc. .


Sex articles, photos, videos, internet sites, magazines, film cameras, cameras, binoculars, pictures, etc. .


Possible search of homes by compulsory order.


Possible compulsory collection of cats------Replacement of other small animals possible-----.


Shutting down of unlimited use of electricity supply by a fixed limit for each household by means of automatic blocking. (Note exemption regulations), (freezers**still open).


Set up electricity blocking by meter reading for each household for the time being. (Later set up and proceed worldwide for trade and industry alike). 


Electricity, water and heating cost monitoring.  (Set limit) (Letter available).


Collection of chandeliers (and conditionally jewels if necessary) from the flats with the exception of my sister.


Petrol station monitoring by petrol station attendants, MOT sticker removal and monitoring of immobilisation of vehicles, if necessary by means of shotguns for a shot in the car tyres.


Establishment of small and medium-sized retail shops/clearance of discounters.


Request juveniles from correctional institutions accordingly for the task of closing down self-service shops and prevent or protect the juveniles from staying in correctional institutions again for the purpose of carrying out the above-mentioned activities by restructuring the workplaces in a future-oriented manner.


Conduct TV, internet, DVD and video monitoring and blocking for unqualified programmes for the public as it may cause abuse of others' liberties and psychological harm. End online businesses after pandemics*, reopen and monitor retail shops in this regard.


Veterinary Profession--------Supervise and end the dispensing and use of chemicals by killing an animal and performing surgery on an animal. Eviction order of animal operation places. Destruction order of all apparatus and chemicals of veterinary medicine.


Supervision of the method of killing animals and domestic animals by a well-directed violent lethal blow or shot. (Forester, butcher)


Restructuring on many manageable farms towards species-appropriate husbandry of animals and species-appropriate** fodder as well as "culling" to be initiated and monitored by veterinarians. (Letter available).


Organise job creation on the spot for the middle class and handicrafts and coordinate and monitor this with the labour office and the workers.


Carry out expropriation and clearance of the relevant houses. Carry out expropriation, size reduction to the middle class and supervision of the respective firms, companies and businesses. (Only in the case of the above-mentioned violation).


Accompany housing exchange and change of housing. (Only if ordered).


Transfer persons of the above-mentioned group to institutions such as prisons or psychiatric institutions. (If applicable, to the castles of the world).


Discotheque surveillance ------- Intoxicant and alcohol supply, if necessary surveillance and striptease ban.


Red-light district surveillance and closure. End freelance prostitution and hand women over to the labour office.


Surveillance of the magazine trade, pre-sorting of videos, internet sites, posters, decoration, mail order, cassettes, books etc.. Advertising of TV, TV stations, internet, etc..


Collection of all Christian symbols because of abuse and disrespect. (Decorative crosses, etc.).


Dog monitoring, initiate prohibition of handing over dogs by animal shelters or prohibition of breeding, monitoring of walking times, collection of dogs from the household if desired, compulsory collection in case of abuse of measures.


Monitor cat surrender and carry out compulsory cat collection if necessary.


Undertake accounts monitoring of population in banks.


Deposit syringe monitoring------ Narcotics delivery monitoring by psychiatrist-ship (psycho-chemist).


Controlled narcotics trafficking by the respective state by means of escorts by the Federal Border Guard or the Federal Armed Forces.


Put an end to acquisitive crime by distributing the narcotics free of charge by means of information and assistance. Initiate courteous transfer of the persons concerned to a specialist. (psycho-chemist). (See letter)


Investigate and sanction the origin of all the chemical substances available on the market in this regard; set up distribution to collection centres.


Supervision of all these orders concerning the courts, the judiciary, the public prosecutor's office, the bar, the care centres, the guardians, the old people's homes and nursing homes, the hospitals, the prisons, the psychiatric hospitals, the schools, the members of the government, the federal government, the churches and the day-care centres.


Monitoring of all executions of the orders by means of letters/documents from the Empress regarding the new start and restructuring. (Internet-- various homepages))


Handing over/ resolution of the power of command according to the above-mentioned order for Luebeck to Prince Martin.


Handing over of the power of command regarding this requirement/resolution to a predetermined and intended mayor/minister of the respective city for example in Hamburg and surroundings etc..


Changes and additions also in verbal form are reserved to my person!


Irreplaceable personalities from the church as well as the Authorities and their first-degree family members are excluded from these measures.

P. p.

U. Sabisch, Empress

Tuesday, 16 November 2004

Wednesday, 5 May 2021 Document considered.

Wednesday, 04 September 2019** Resolutions considered subject to change.


Regrettably, the environment is already fighting back due to the increasing disasters, and so it is becoming more and more difficult to implement the resolutions, which are more than just valuable, especially for the people of Luebeck!! ! 

January 2018 ** 06.10.2020 

Should abysses open up publicly, then no one is the other's judge!

Addition on 28.09.2020

** YOU WILL PLEASE end the general peoples sport by having a free running murderer honestly confess his/ her crime, and the murderer will stand by his/ her crime!

Also murderers who have been locked up in prisons for a serious crime in order to atone for their deed are also to be set free, in that they will, if possible, make themselves at home in the allotment gardens of their former residential area, in order to be able to move about freely and at ease, whereby a repeat deed must be pretty much ruled out!

Every murderer is to be made responsible for his/ her victim or victims and will therefore please see to it at his/ her own expense that his victim or victims are rehabilitated, in that the obituary of those killed must be truthfully clarified and in that these souls killed by human hands will find "their rest" during the end time of our contemporary history, which will come close to an absolution before the final judgement, or could come close to it, in that these souls could make themselves felt and must be worne along by the murderer!

For the FRG, my person would like to call two publicly known persons into responsibility, in that they will be responsible, together with the judiciary, for a possible release of every criminal and possibly a murderer in the prisons.

One of them is the Prime Minister Volker Bouffier and the other is the diplomat's son Jens Söring. 

Even a mass murderer, as a current head of state can be, will one day face the final court and should take his/ her chance according to the given situation!


My person reserves the unconditional right as Empress to strike exclusively and quite deliberately in the presence of paramedics or soldiers with a Cudgel at a human creature, which is in the native environment of my person and to which the Monumental Cudgel cannot so far reach!

Ultrasound examinations in the case of pregnancy will please have to be stopped immediately and may only be permitted for very exceptional cases!