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Resolutions for the Record


Luebeck, Thursday, 25 January 2018

Free English translation on 21 September 2021.

The German-language document you may find here!


Dear Sirs,

2.4 billion euros are now needed very, very quickly in Yemen and a clear word on this by the contemporary witnesses of my hometown, for which necessary 95 theses of my person are now ready, but you and all others should also get to know these 95 theses! !

The institution church has hoarded many billions of euros in the triple-digit range and also still believes to be on the right side of life!

If you and your kind are not clearly mistaken!

It is high time for an immediate change of sides!

Ursula Sabisch


There are always connections in the matter, you just have to be able to recognise them!

Example: My person would like to have the entire former neighbourhood from the Ruebenkoppel, from the Meesenring and from the Brandenburger Landstraße, but not least also the current neighbours and the former neighbours from the Krempelsdorfer- Allee questioned or taken to task, because my flat was usually broken into, which was sometimes accompanied by nasty consequences, but could also have happened in my current immediate neighbourhood.

In Ruebenkoppel, frightening noise was usually caused during the day and at night, also partly by means of radiators coming from the ground floor, whereby one must often speak of serious bodily harm with intent to kill, and the informed landlord sided with the perpetrators by means of a questionable collection of signatures!

Furthermore, on the Meesenring, especially on the days of the weekly market, car doors were banged directly in front of my-------- and these were sometimes deliberately banged ---------------- heavy house door even in the late evening hours, which bordered directly on the ground floor flat, whereby the police still made fun of my complaint, by referring me -----------and  to the landlord, metal rails for the disabled were deliberately dropped on the stone stairs in the stairwell, the doors of delivery vans from the weekly market were parked directly at bedtime --------------------------- and suddenly banged, which could have been fatal for my person, because even in an old building with high walls the noise additionally reverberates and already in the previous flat many attacks and much more was healthily survived, such as foreign smells--------------------- in the flat and intended bodily harm by sudden crashing also through radiators or through the entrance door in the quiet hours or without warning ------------------------ was suddenly loudly rumbled and banged on the roof --------------, or in the Meesenring, the floor of the ground floor flat was suddenly drilled from the basement with a drill, or the lorry delivering to the former Penny-Market squeaked and crashed with its load at night, and so on and so forth, all of which has been going on for years------------------ and all of which cannot be reproduced and processed.

In Brandenbaumer Landstraße, a flat-sharing community consisting of three teenagers or young men lived under our next flat, which was equipped with a floorboard and which was offered and rented out as quiet and mould-free, which was not even close to the truth and which the previous tenants also knew very well! 

A young man with a cat lived above the noisy flat, who was also said to be a quiet tenant.

One cannot really grasp and believe what was experienced, because it was simply unbelievable and escalated again and again, especially as ----------- injuring without carrying out an appropriate counter-defence --------------- , also because no clarity or information was given because of the rather sudden-------residential behaviour of the neighbours, but sometimes also serious bodily injuries were the consequence and the result.

In comparison, a campsite is pure relaxation!

Thus, the resolutions passed arose from a basic attitude of this described time, whereby my person cannot sweep these years, months and many days under the carpet, which, by the way, would also have nothing to do with justice.

Since especially ----------- and more could have been affected, which could even have led to death, my person,--------, cannot ignore such an occurrence and behaviour of these dimensions and dimensions in the matter and commission, whereby the Hanseatic City of Luebeck was also informed about the facts --------------- by the "wrong parkers" in the Meesenring, but no countermeasures were taken.

Also --------my husband, who got to feel the mouldy flats first hand -----------justified termination of the flat in the Ruebenkoppel-------, by calling the dangerous living behaviour -----were or will probably also have been endangered in this respect or injured accordingly.

But these specific perpetrators wish ----------- to find usual psychiatric institutions, whereby expulsion from the house could also become a possibility if clarification of the facts is not ensured by a truthful justification of the deed and the rather dangerous behaviour and residential conduct!

The same measure of resolutions will of course have to take effect for the protection of the King and the Emperor as well as for all those directly involved in the matter!

HP: Four of the five flats mentioned were more or less heavily contaminated with mould fungus to the point of being uninhabitable!

Conclusion: My person does not have to justify herself to anyone because of the following 95 theses and measures decided upon, but would at least like to achieve and allow an insight of mankind, so that everyone understands that one must not joke with the human life of others, which of course did not only apply or applies to my life!

Attention: If an interviewee or another contemporary witness does not tell the truth or conceals something essential, then the expulsion from the house is pre-programmed for this person!

Remember: Ignorance is no excuse!

In the current flat, my person is and was also attacked and injured in a life-threatening and very underhand manner, so that it must be ensured immediately that the implementation regarding the living conditions in house no. 15, which also affect my sister, are implemented as ordered!

My person will subsequently claim the second floor on the left of the apartment building as one of the already mentioned condominiums in order to be able to have a safe place to stay in Luebeck, which must also apply immediately to my sister in the middle flat on the first floor!

But enough is enough!


You and your kind will bitterly regret that you have allowed my life to be played with by the housing behaviour of some "neighbours" up to the present day!